NLI Status Update


Next Level Innovations teams have been busy since our February vote.  We have begun the process of seeking the path God is leading us into for our Next Level of discipleship, witness, welcoming and becoming all He wants us to be.  Most of the Teams have had several meetings and are planning activities and events as a part of this initiative.  The Vision Alignment Team has met with Rhonda Van Dyke several times and developed a “Dashboard” to capture the progress of each of the teams. (see “VAT Tracking below)

Each Team has approached their task differently.  The Hospitality Team has met and graphed their tasks with various roles looking at the “big picture” of how to make our church a welcoming place from the moment someone enters the doors.  Thanks to Lisa White for agreeing to chair this group.  (see Hospitality graphic)

Tom Parker, chair of Neighborhood Connection says:

“We have been active over the past few weeks, handing out Bunny Hop flyers at the Clarendon Metro, assisting at the Bunny Hop and providing opportunities for three Prayer Walks on Easter Eve!  We are in the planning stage for Prayer Walk training.”

We still need volunteers to serve on the various teams. To sign up contact the name of the leader with the corresponding team.


Neighborhood Connection
Tom Parker

Radical Hospitality
Lisa White

John Ausink

Jane Dixon


Team Status Summary

NLI Tracking.png

Vision Alignment Team Status


The Vision Alignment Team has met three times since the Next Level Innovations (NLI) plan was approved by the congregation on February 19, 2019.

March 2, 2019

  • The purpose of this meeting was to gather nominations for the leaders of the Neighborhood Connection and Hospitality Teams.

  • Laura volunteered to send e-mails to the list of candidates.

April 24, 2019

  • Rhonda VanDyke (our NLI mentor) led the meeting

  • We participated in a teambuilding Exercises (writing Living Love words on cards etc.).

  • Laura reported that Tom Parker accepted the leadership position for the Neighborhood Connections Team.

  • We discussed the lack of a leader for the Hospitality Team.  Jane and Laura agreed to make a graphic/org chart to explain the purpose and attract a leader.

  • We briefly discussed discipleship.  Nilse and Mary will get together to discuss further.

  • Josh volunteered, with John A. as his sidekick, to work with the words we wrote on our index cards to draft a preliminary statement.

  • Four questions for tracking our NLI Teams were established:

  1. Is the Team Formed?

  2. Does the Team have a Leader?

  3. Has the Team Met?

  4. Does the Team have Momentum?

  • Laura will develop a tracking chart.

  • We briefly discussed possible next steps in connection with General Conference and decided a full Council meeting was necessary in May.


May 8, 2019

  • We reviewed the NLI Team tracker and gave feedback for the next version (attached).

  • We reviewed the hospitality graphic (attached).

  • Laura reported that Lisa White agreed to lead the Hospitality Team (without after church refreshments).

  • Rhonda gave an example for us to consider adapting for visitor follow-up:  6 seconds after arriving on campus new students & families are welcomed, 60 seconds later additional greeting, 6 minutes later help is offered to unload their car, 6 hours later someone is talking to the new student, 6 days later another check-in happens and 6 weeks later another check-in occurs.

  • A brief discussion on discipleship was held.

  • We discussed improving communications to continually inform the congregation of NLI activities.  The “VAT Splat” was suggested. It ended up as a “Did You Know” blurb in the News from the Pews.

  • Rhonda led a discussion on the recent Judicial Council Rulings.  We considered a survey of the Trustees, Staff Parish Relations, Neighborhood Connections, Finance and the Wedding Coordinator asking 6 questions.  We decided this approach was too lengthy and we needed some type of action much quicker.

  • We brainstormed on what actions we should consider taking/exploring.  We made a list (attached power point) and will ask Council members for input.  We also agreed to offer a review of the Judicial Council Rulings prior to the Council meeting for those interested.